Welcome to eBihr!

Welcome to the eBihr service! This page will describe the different steps to use the service.


eBihr is a free service for our customers.

  1. You just need to contact our Customer Care to open an account specific to eBihr.
  2. Then you will be provided credentials to test the service.
  3. Once your test phase is finished, you will be provided credentials to use the production service: you will be able to get catalog or stock information, and create carts to order products.

Manual download

You can use this page to get easily catalogs about RiderGear or HardParts in a human readable format: CSV.

Automated download

You can use the REST API to get specific catalogs (structure, file format, compression format), ask for specific products live stocks or create directly cart for the website.

Release history

You can find the release history here.